Business Mastery

For Businesses who want to increase word of mouth referrals and be the go-to business in their neighborhood. 

In less than 5 hours, I’m going to help you understand how to become the business that everyone is looking for with this simple strategy… and ensure you leave with a plan you can truly implement on Nextdoor and increase reach and referrals for your business. 

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The truth is, I've discovered the main reason businesses get stuck on Nextdoor. 

They need the roadmap for success..


And even more than that…

Most Businesses will just 'take a stab at it', use a quick Google search and hope for the best or hand it off to a team member with no training... just crossing their fingers that leads turn into customers.

Right now, it’s time to be smart on this platform.

Because when you are, your entire business changes.

I’ve been helping businesses for over 5 years get their business on Nextdoor and get referrals.

And in the beginning, it truly was difficult for businesses to get the attention they needed…

I developed a method that has worked, time and time again for helping businesses grow on Nextdoor.

And it’s been used by some of the top Plumbers, Painters, Health Stores, Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Restaurants, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Top Real Estate Agents, Attorneys and more


I also want you to implement the methods and strategies I've developed BECAUSE THEY WORK!

And I want them to work FOR you!

The Problem? Most people need to see it and have someone come alongside them to really SEE IT! 

I want to work with you, either in my Coaching Program or in my 1:1 Client base. 

However, as we both know... Those who understand how something will work for them, will take action much more quickly. 

Which is why I’ve developed…

Business Mastery

Imagine word of mouth referrals from Nextdoor in Your Community!
Want your current customers to be able to refer you easily on Nextdoor?
Join us for our Mastery Program and learn how to win hearts on Nextdoor and grow your business!

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By the end of this program, you’re going to know 2 very important things:


1). How to get more hearts and recommendations the right way


2). How to Use Local Deals  to get incredible visibility and referrals. 


And that's just the beginning!  

Because, when you don’t set up the local deals and hearts correctly you will not get the return you need to be successful and get more word of mouth referrals and people seeking out to do business with you. 


In fact, maybe this sounds familiar...

  • You set up your  Nextdoor Business page but have no idea how to get more likes and recommendations. 
  • You have the inability to manage it or get it working..
  • You can’t hire or delegate the responsibility because you don't know what you're asking for…
  • You don't understand why local deals are better than neighborhood sponsorships. 
  • You don't know the platform and don't have the time to…
  • You've already found yourself re-doing your profile again and again - helplessly.

Further, you've look around and see that there’s a proven way to gain traction that does't involve spending beaucoup hours on the platform! 

More than anything, I want to help you see your current customers referring you on Nextdoor!

It's possible! 
I've already done it! 

Business Mastery

Learn how to use Nextdoor Business to grow your business.

...and then get more referrals and convert clients faster with word of mouth referrals. 

Connect with local customers today and become your neighborhood's go-to business. If you’re looking for ways to reach future customers this program is for you!

Imagine getting word of mouth referrals from your local neighborhoods.


Imagine being the Go To Business in the Neighborhood

You want a simple way to grow your business and referrals without breaking the bank.


[ Step #1 ]


We make sure you have a ROCK STAR Digital Reputation online and on Nextdoor with our Unique Audit Process! 

[ Step #2 ]


Get 5 Recommendations in 5 Days and Open up your Visibility on Nextdoor

[ Step #3 ]


Kim Angeli will show you how to unlock 24 Free Posts and Advertise on Nexdoor for less than $25 a month to reach thousands of future clients.

Let’s get started helping future customers know your are OPEN for Business, without confusion, frustration, or time-consuming process. We will give you our simple process with Live and In-person training with Kim Angeli!

Bonus #1

How to turn an ANGRY client from Grumpy to Grateful Program.  This strategy helped a Realtor client of ours get a $500,000+ listing after a bad experience. 

Bonus #2

Private Facebook Group to access during and after the Mastery for your questions. You have access to ongoing sessions since we know Nextdoor is always changing and we want to keep you up to date on changes. Your Success is our GOAL! 

Bonus #3

Live Training on How to WOW your clients and other relationships.  Learn how a simple Starbucks Card in the mail turned into a $1500 client. This unique strategy has helped Kim Angeli sell over 100 million in her career. Now she shares with others. 

Are you ready to become the business that everyone is looking for with this simple strategy?

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Here are just some of the results from Businesses We've worked with...

Heather Wiskes - Founder, Get Me Some Green 

"Honestly if it wasn't for your gratitude coaching we'd have closed our doors already. Everybody needs a coach! Grateful for ours."

Kim Wallace, Owner Southern Magnolia Media

Kim is literally a GENIUS when it comes to Nextdoor Business & Gratitude, I have learned so much from her. 

Want to keep your marketing budget in check. Nextdoor is the Key!


This is for the business owner who is looking for a simple way to get more top of mind advertising for your business and more word of mouth referrals.

  • Reach Customers where they LIVE!

  • Remember the Yellow Pages? It is like the Yellow Pages with Recommendations!

  • 4 Million Recommendations a day!

  • Reaching your Ideal Client has never been easier with Nextdoor!

..and that’s where our Nextdoor Business Mastery comes in.

Business Mastery

This program offers you a simple way to get more referrals, be visible, and create raving fans that refer you without asking!

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With Nextdoor Business Mastery You are Just Weeks Away From


More people in your area will know about your Business for FREE!

Free coverage? I'm game!

More Word Of Mouth Referrals & Less Follow Up! 

That's right! We all like 'more for less' 

Spend less than $25 a month on advertising and get more views than other social media platforms.

Don't miss being an early adopter! 

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Hawksoft shares how to drive referrals with Nextdoor

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  • Free Grumpy to Grateful Online Program (Value $47)

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  • Ask questions in the Facebook group anytime (Value $1,500)

  • PLUS OUR LIMITED TIME BONUS! Join today to get the Nextdoor and Digital Reputation audit. 

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A total savings of $5,138


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Let Kim Angeli our Nextdoor Business Expert Help you be a Rock Star on Nextdoor. 

Here is the outcome:

Raving fans giving you recommendations & consistent referrals!

Become the GO To Business for your Community


Sessions are held each week on Tuesday's from 2:00 -3:00 PM EST

Kim Angeli is a gratitude and Nextdoor Strategist!

It is her mission to teach you her proven out-of-the-box strategies to transform your business with Nextdoor and Gratitude. 

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...and then get more referrals for your business from RAVING FANS. The RESULT equals less follow-up! 

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