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Want to increase business referrals from your community? Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus is your solution!

Nextdoor is a local, private social network that helps you make meaningful connections and grow your business.

Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus offers a roadmap to take your small business to the next level. Whether you're looking to grow your customer base or just increase revenue, we have the tools and strategies to make it happen.

We'll show you how to create a business profile that puts you in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Learn how to use Nextdoor as a sales tool, and be able to recognize and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

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Get more word of mouth referrals for pennies on the dollar or use the free options. Find out how to become the business that everyone is looking for with our proven strategy.

The Roadmap for Success: Small Steps and action to

  • Create a ROCK STAR Digital Reputation online and on Nextdoor with our Unique Audit Process!

  • Get 5 Recommendations in 5 Days and Open up your Visibility on Nextdoor

  • Unlock $3500 of Free Marketing from your Nextdoor Business Page and Advertise on Nextdoor for less than $93 a month to reach Thousands of future clients

One of the most important aspects of successful business growth is patience and focus on what matters in the long term. The Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus is designed with this in mind and focuses on teaching small steps that will have big results down the line.

You don't need any previous experience with Nextdoor. We will guide you every step of the way and show you how to set up your business page, navigate the platform and run your marketing campaigns to unlock the secrets to drive success for your business.

Becoming a Nextdoor Business Master can help you increase revenue and profit for your business. It is a trusted platform where you can find hyper local referrals and local services.

Attract High Quality, High Intent Referrals

Nextdoor is a trusted network where people share information about their community, including local services and recommendations. Learn how to increase your customer acquisition efforts with Nextdoor's platform to connect with your community and grow your business.

Brand Yourself as a Local Expert

Make your message stand out amongst the crowd with our proven strategies!

Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus will help you to stand out in your community and dominate your marketplace by teaching you to making your business visible to the very customers who are looking for you.

Become a thought leader in your local market and time spent building meaningful relationships will be more fruitful for you and your business.

Whether it's a neighborhood restaurant looking for a new location or an electrician who needs to find new clients, Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus helps you by placing you right where your ideal client is located.

Real People. Real Success Stories.

See What Others Have to Say...

"Kim is just AMAZING!!! 28 Years in Residential Real Estate I have never met anyone like her, and I have tried many marketing companies. Not only is she a great coach but a good friend with a big Heart. She cares about your success, and it shows! She offers awesome advice and weekly coaching calls that are always upbeat and Full of Information and Idea. To take your business to the Next Level, if you are looking for a presence on Next door Kim is your girl, she will make you look like a ROCK STAR! I highly recommend her "

-Kathy Kennedy

Kim & Joy are amazing thought leaders, innovates & trainers in how to grow revenue with gratitude, wowing clients, and learning how to use NEXTDOOR to grow your business! Appreciate you helping us network, build & expand our business over last few years and look forward to many more years growing our business to new levels never realized without your systems, support and guidance!!"

-Christopher Brantigan

"You won't find a more creative, knowledgeable, and caring business that looks out for the needs of business owners to help them accelerate their potential and create lasting relationships with their customers.

Kim and Joy instill high quality values in those they work with and show them a clear path to increasing client retention and acquisition.

I'm grateful for the experience I had and continue to have in working with them."

-Ken Newbill

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More people in your local area to know about your business for free

People are looking for businesses in their area, and often times they don't know that you're even there! So sign up today and start getting the word out about your business.

More Word Of Mouth Referrals & Less Time Chasing Leads!

Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus offers you the opportunity to connect with new customers, create opportunities for direct feedback, and engage with the users in your local area.

Less than $93 a month on advertising and get more views than other social media platforms.

No more guesswork for advertising budgets. Nextdoor users are proven to spend more of their budget locally than any other social media platform.

It's time to take charge of your destiny and make the most out of your business. With Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus+, you'll be able to dominate your marketplace and position yourself as a local trusted leader, with customers looking for you.

What You Get When You Join...

  • Nextdoor Business Builder Online Course which include 9 modules, downloads and resources (Value $197)

  • Weekly Live Group Sessions with Kim Angeli for 1 hour each (Value $18,200)

  • Free Gratitude Scripts (Value $97)

  • Free Customer Journey Template (Value $97)

  • Free Grumpy to Grateful Online Program (Value $47)

  • Private Facebook Group (Value $1,500)

  • Tools on creating a WOW customer experience (Value $350)

  • Learn how to create a WOW FREE Business Post (Value $97)

  • 24 ideas for FREE business posts (Value $250)

  • Advertise for less than $93/month (recently added!)

  • Ask questions in the Facebook group anytime (Value $1,500)

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  • This "Follow UP System" will help you efficiently and effectively manage the new clients you'll be obtaining through our program.

  • You'll be able to respond quickly and easily follow up with clients, increasing your closing ability and building stronger, more lasting relationships with your customers.

  • This platform also allows you to track and organize customer information, giving you the tools you need to build relationships with a gratitude mindset.

  • By understanding your customers and showing them appreciation, you'll be able to create loyal, long-term relationships that drive business growth.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity - sign up for our Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus now and take advantage of the benefits of this powerful system before it's too late!

Take action now and become A Nextdoor Master

Let Kim Angeli our Nextdoor Business Expert

Help you be a Rock Star on Nextdoor.

Kim Angeli is a Gratitude and Nextdoor Marketing Strategist!

It is her mission to teach you her proven out-of-the-box strategies to transform your business with Nextdoor and Gratitude.

Still not sure?

We know you'll love Nextdoor as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, just let us know.

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Benefits with a Guarantee

Your business is your baby, take care of it. Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus will bring in more customers and increase revenue for your business.

Business Mastery


Nextdoor Business Mastery Plus will...

  • Bring more customers and increase revenue for your business.

  • Teach you to master your local market, dominate your marketplace and grow your customer base.

  • Will guide you every step of the way and show you how to set up your business, run your marketing campaigns and manage day-to-day operations of Nextdoor.

  • Teach you how to become a local trusted leader by helping you grow your business, attract new customers, and build relationships with other local businesses.

  • Create raving fans for your business.

  • Teach you an organic way to get more word-of-mouth referrals for pennies on the dollar.

  • Helps you connect with customers in your neighborhood and get better referrals while boosting your brand awareness online.

  • Help you build relationships with your customers and create a beautiful presence online and offline.

  • Build a trusted reputation that make customers feel safe and comfortable with your business.

Your Business is at Stake...Achieve Success with Nextdoor

Become a Nextdoor Business Master NOW!!!!

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  • A Winning Profile - The initial way your set-up your Business Page is KEY! We've provided the step-by-step tips inside this checklist to make sure you've optimized your page from the very beginning to get wins right away.

  • Bring Attention to Your Business - Do you want prospects to find your page? You need to be searchable! We will show you how to make your Business Page easy to find inside the guide.

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